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The ABCs of Great Relationships 26 Relationship Course
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This program is about honesty, the honesty that relationships depend on—honesty with yourself. It is dedicated to the deepest truths that lie within you, truths that have the ability to hold you captive for a lifetime, or miraculously set you free.  It is about life and how to live it more fully. What inspires you to live more fully?  What drives you to make powerful and necessary changes that would benefit you and those you love? 

Most of the people I encounter, whether it is in private coaching sessions, corporate training’s, or seminars, all want more control of their lives. Life is difficult.  It can be frustrating, confusing, overwhelming and people often find themselves riding on the bus they call their life, instead of driving it.  One of the ways to get back in the drivers seat is to choose where you want to go. Over the next weeks this program will inspire conversations, ignite withering flames, and help you develop new levels of understanding with those you love.

"In the past few years I have had the privilege of sharing the platform with some of the greatest individuals of the 20th Century. Rarely have I met anyone that has a message as timely and powerful as that of Dawn Billings. Dawn has an insight that is unique and a delivery that makes people want to succeed. She truly understands the heart of success."
Jim Stovall, Co-founder and President of the Narrative Television Network, author of The Ultimate Gift, You Don't Have to Be Blind to See, and Success Secrets of Super Achievers

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