Color Personality Test

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What is your personality, take a primary color personality test here!

Take Primary Colors Personality Test
and Help Women & Children

Hi, this is Dawn Billings and I am thrilled that so many people love my Primary Colors Personality Test. In the last decade it has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people for FREE, but now it is time to help women and children around the world. The test as well as the in depth information about what your Primary and Secondary Colors mean is now available for a small donation of $30.

When you pay $30 as a donation to the Charitable Heart Foundation, you will receive access for 24 hours to the Primary Colors Personality Test, as well as, detailed information about what your colors mean.

Donate for Charity

100%of the proceeds we collect go to the Charitable Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and children’s causes around the world. Thank you for your generosity. Remember, what you give comes back multiplied. This test is extremely accurate and will give you important information that will help you learn about YOU, which will enable you to better work with, influence, inspire, encourage and love those around you. Enjoy! And may you be richly blessed, as you bless others. Thank you again, Dawn

"Give as your Heart Directs"

For a small donation of $30 you will receive access to The Primary Colors Personality Test for 24 hours, and in depth information about what your primary and secondary colors mean.

All proceeds go to the Charitable Heart Foundation. (click here to learn more)

Donate for Charity, pay to take the color personality test

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